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Presence In Presentation

Presenting with Power and Presence

Executives need the expertise and presence to engage others. We use theater as the model for teaching presence and applying it to leadership.


Actors must keep track of their lines, stay in the light, stay on the stage, remember their blocking, stay in character, make sure they can be seen and heard, etc., etc. A seeming multitude of things.

The actor must stay present with themselves.

Then there is a second level of presence with their fellow actors on stage. To make a performance believable, they must interact believably with the other members of the cast.

They must be present with one another.

Then there is the audience. An actor must stay connected with what is happening in real-time with an audience to connect and communicate effectively.

They must be present with their audience.

These are the tools we teach in this course:

How to stay present with ourselves and our audience.

How to use our minds, bodies and voices to create meaningful connections that deliver compelling communication, regardless of content.

How to use each and every interaction, whether with a small team or an auditorium full of people, as an opportunity to connect, engage, inspire and transform.

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