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Bradley Denis, M.A.,

Presence-Based coaching and consulting, utilizing
archetypal depth psychology & engaging the creative life.

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From a Theater of Presence, A Practice of Presence:

A life-long teacher and practitioner of performance and creativity, Bradley made the decision to help others inhabit their own innate superpowers of creative thinking and living. His focus of study is the psychology of creativity and how our stories create and shape our lives. He hosts the inventive podcast The Quotidian focusing on the intersection of creativity and everyday life.

Now, through creative consulting and one-on-one coaching, Bradley uses a variety of performative technologies to push clients into hyper-focused and engaged solutions by utilizing their own creative energies as the primary source of innovation.

The result is both vibrant and transformative. Click the "Get Acquainted!" button to find out more about how Bradley can help you or your team thrive.

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Creative Coaching & Consulting

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Tailored team building programs that generate transformative results, quickly and enjoyably.

Improved communications, engaged business vision, and growth-minded production are all proven, achievable goals.

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For achievers of all ages who seek to improve their confidence, strengthen their presence and power in action, and to revitalize their inherent creative power, Bradley offers customized coaching sessions guaranteed to bring you immediate results, quickly.

Previous clients have sought help in these areas:

  • Public speaking, interview skills, physical, vocal, and mental mastery

  • Learning how to visualize clearly and appropriately

  • Building confidence and strengthening mindset to help prevent anxiety

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